location-dependent business?


You've heard of the location-independent business:

the laptop lifestyle and digital nomads.

What if your business exists because of where you are located?


Globally-inclined women is how I describe those of us who are foreign wives, expats or trailing spouses. We live overseas or travel a lot to one particular location usually in support of a spouse or partner.

The business you started is heavily influenced by where you are located:

  • Your translation service.
  • Your concierge travel agency.
  • The artisan-made handicrafts you sell.
  • The Airbnb apartment you own.

Being in a foreign country doesn't have to mean your dreams are lost.

You can design the life you want around your business. 


Long-time resident of Japan, Jacqui Miyabayashi. I work with expats, trailing spouses and foreign wives. If you're trapped in a job you hate and are struggling to build your own business on the side then we need to chat. When we work together you'll be amazed how quickly your business will take shape and explode before your eyes. 

Focusing on your customers brings you more customers. Are you focused on helping your customers? Do you know who your best customers are and where they can be found? What draws them to your business?

Find out more about joining the One of a Kind League this February. Proudly presented by Jacqui Miyabayashi. 

One of a Kind League. The support you've been waiting for.

One of a Kind League. The support you've been waiting for.